Recipeasly: A Website for Recipes Was Taken Down Hours After Launch

Recipeasly was a website that collated recipes on the Internet and put them on one, easy-to-use, platform. However, only a few hours after the website launched, it was taken down after it received a lot of mixed reactions from people and mainly backlash from food bloggers.

woman cooking using an online recipe
Recipeasly: A Website for Recipes Was Taken Down Hours After Launch

What Was the Goal for Recipeasly?

Recipeasly was created to “fix” recipes found online. The way it was supposed to do that was by removing the ads and life stories from the recipes when website users imported the external links.

However, many content creators, mainly food bloggers, began to criticize the platform for breaching copyright and stealing revenue. After an overwhelming number of complaints on social media, the website was removed.

The message on the homepage of the website read “We’re sorry.” Along with the apology, the website also stated that the creators of it have nothing but respect and admiration for all the effort, money, and time that goes into creating websites and great recipes. Their goal wasn’t to minimize the results for the hard work that goes into it.

Recipeasly's homepage
Recipeasly: A Website for Recipes Was Taken Down Hours After Launch

They realized that they’re not showing the respect they have for recipe creators, and they missed their mark. The website was aiming to remove the clutter, ads, and long pages of content that are typically designed for search engines and not for humans.

Many food blogs have text before the actual recipe. Bloggers often write about their connections to the meal or even some history behind it. Even if they don’t want to, it’s what helps them rank on search engines, which is why they take the time and effort to do so.

The Response to the Website

There were a lot of mixed responses behind Recipeasly’s website launch. Many on social media found it to be a useful tool. People on Twitter stated that the site has answered their prayers and that they hate shifting through all of the lifestyle stuff to see how many eggs they need for the recipe.

However, food bloggers weren’t in agreement. Some said it took the heart and soul out of the recipes. They even mentioned that the website was taking their advertising revenue away.