The Vegan Whopper Is About To Hit Fast Food Chains Worldwide

Although more and more people are educating themselves on the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, it’s fair to say that there is still a long way to go before animal-free alternatives become a part of everyday life. After all, when was the last time you were able to order something from a fast food chain? These companies live and breathe the meat industry, and very few of them offer dishes that are suitable for vegans. However, that may all begin to change, as The Vegan Whopper is about to hit Burger Kings worldwide…

The Vegan Whopper Is About To Hit Burger King Worldwide

A Plant-Based Diet

There’s no doubt about the fact that fast food chains are ruled by meat. Their burgers, nuggets, wings, and almost every other item on the menu is made using animal products, and there are only a few options for those who live by a plant-based diet. Most of the time, we have to munch on fries while everyone else tucks into their box meals! However, as veganism becomes increasingly popular, it seems as though Burger King has decided to move with the changing tides. After testing out a vegan burger, they are now looking to release it as an official addition to their menu across the globe.

Testing In St. Louis

Until now, the vegan Whopper, called the Impossible Whopper has only been available in St. Louis. The fast-food chain decided to test it out and see how it went down with the locals, and there’s no doubt about the fact that it went down extremely well. In fact, a spokesperson for the company noted that the test went “exceedingly well” and showed “encouraging results.”

The Vegan Whopper Is About To Hit Burger King Worldwide

Rolling It Out

The plant-based Impossible Whopper is made from soy protein and all kinds of other natural ingredients and nutrients and will set you back only 240 calories. Those who have tried the burger so far have noted that it tastes exactly like a meat alternative, just without any kind of meat or animal product involved. This just shows how far plant-based alternatives have grown over the past few years and shows vegans across the world that they can still enjoy fast food chains without the ethical implications.

While there’s no news on when the Impossible Whopper will be hitting Burger Kings across the world, we will certainly be keeping our eyes peeled.