Make Sure To Visit Taipei’s Only Three-Michelin-Star Restaurant

As far as fine dining is concerned, traveling in Asia can be a truly enriching experience. So if you ever find yourself in Taipei, make sure to pay a visit to the only restaurant in the country that has three Michelin stars – Le Palais.

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This glamorous restaurant, which is part of the five-star Palais de Chine hotel, is, at its heart, a gourmet Cantonese experience. Although it is situated above the noise and commotion of Taipei’s busy transportation hub, you wouldn’t realize it when nestled inside this beautiful restaurant.

Just this year, it was awarded the coveted three stars by the Michelin Guide. This means that it is the only restaurant in the whole of Taipei that has received such a rating. It seems that everything about it fulfills the criteria of a three-star eatery.

Not only is the food on point, but the interior design of Le Palais is absolutely mesmerizing. With 80 seats, six private rooms, and a beautifully-dim lighting system, this restaurant is geared up for a romantic getaway or more specifically, the pinnacle of one’s honeymoon.

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With secret doors coming from seemingly every corner, you can’t help but compare this experience with something from an ancient fairytale. Of course, the menu does not disappoint. With so much to choose from, such as Sichuanese food and a number of fascinating fusions, there is something here for everyone.

Take Le Palais’ trademark crispy roast duck, for example. It seems that this particular dish is what sealed this restaurant’s three-star fate. With Dim Sum of virtually every variety to choose from, this is merely scratching the surface of this charming menu.

For dessert, make sure to try the baked egg tarts – small pastries with sweet cream in the middle. Make no mistake about it though, Le Palais is a Michelin-star restaurant with not-so-Michelin-star prices.

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You can expect to spend just over $150 USD for a four-course meal. This will include dim sum, crispy duck, and those delectable pastries. However, this probably won’t include alcohol, so be prepared to spend a bit more!