Restaurant Servers Are Now Talking About You on TikTok!

People in the hospitality sector always have to dress and behave appropriately, understanding that the customer’s always right. While that is a policy every industry has to undergo, hospitality stories take a different direction as servers find a way to vent their frustration. We all live in a world of delightful restaurants built on deceptive illustration because if we really knew what every server was thinking about us, we might run for the hills.

Coping Nuisance With TikTok

As we all know, creating content and uploading it on different social media channels has become quite an entertaining source for many. TikTok, one of the most known social media platforms, is often flooded with restaurant-friendly content, which most hospitality servers can easily relate to. Servers’ significant income comes from tips, which made Ben Raanan, a server, post a video on TikTok ranting about how customers tip pretty low and should know to tip, which made the video go viral.

A Small Change

Similarly, Darron Cardosa, a waiter, creates multiple characters’ videos expressing customers’ behaviors towards the waiters and their honest reactions to such customers. Cardosa even shared how people from around the world messaged him, stating his videos changed their perspective toward servers and how they never considered what goes on in the restaurant industry. We all need to understand that each and every server is a human too! Marianne Rojas(, a famous content creator, has been posting such content since 2020, inspired by her time as a host and a server. Marianne expresses her everyday experience with customers through her stories and claims that it always feels good enacting such scenarios that help comfort her.

A Few More Stories

Similarly, with backgrounds in theater, creators like Alana Fineman(@alanafinewoman) and Drew Talbert(@drew_talbert) perform skits about guests. For example, a guest who forgot to count the number of their own kids for the party. Or, parents try to teach their children manners by making them serve tables and say ‘Thank you’ every time. Or everyday Karen stories, the typical personalities every server has come across. So, if you are a server having a bad day, just take out your phone, open TikTok, and search for #restaurantstories. Your day will be made, and you can live vicariously through their sweet server revenge. Who knows, you may end up making one yourself.