Good Restaurant Reservation Etiquette Is More Important Than Ever

A diner’s duty as a good customer does not start when they enter the restaurant, but instead, good restaurant reservation etiquettes need to be followed while booking your table. As the number of apps providing customers the option to book their table in advance rises, the need for rules regarding the same also does. Here are douche reservation etiquettes every diner should follow!

Gather Before You Check In

Nobody likes a diner who comes in alone and proceeds to wait for 30 minutes for the rest of his 10-people party. According to a host of an Italian restaurant in midtown Manhattan, diners occupy the table longer if they’re waiting on friends. If you’re planning to go to a restaurant with other people, make sure to gather all your party before you go as your waiting can lead to loss of business for the restaurant!

Be an Early Bird, or a Night Owl

Another reservation etiquette one can follow is to choose unconventional time slots, like 5:30 pm, while booking your table. According to John Winterman, co-owner of Francie in Brooklyn, dining earlier or later allows restaurants to maximize their revenue as a restaurant needs two turns at a four-seater table to make the math work.

Communicate if You’re Running Late

Sometimes, you’re unable to make your reservation on time. During such moments, always call the restaurant and inform them of the delay. Some restaurants do not hold a table for more than 10 minutes, while others are more lenient. Late arrival is a major cause for loss in business to the restaurant, as your table has been waiting empty from the time you booked till the time you arrived.

Being a No-Show Is a Big No-No

If, for whatever reason, you’re unable to make your reservation, call and let the restaurant know. Try giving them as much notice as possible. Post pandemic, it’s difficult to fill up empty tables as walk-ins have been reduced by a lot. John Winterman commented that in the current climate, a lost reservation is just that, lost.