Explore Restaurant Kvitnes Gård, a Hidden Delight Amongst the Woods in Norway.

Norway, a gorgeous country where summer days feel like bliss, is widely known for Kvitnes Gård. This is a dining destination located in a small town in Vesterålen. Hidden amongst glaciers and fjords, this place isn’t in plain sight and therefore is still its unharmed, natural self.

History of Kvitnes Gård and Its Owner

Kvitnes Gård is a restaurant that was once a family-owned farmhouse. After spending years in the Michelin kitchens of Oslo, its owner Halvar Ellingsen decided to come back to his great-grandfather’s property and rejuvenate it into something that the world wasn’t ready for. It took him three long years and lots of work to finally be able to welcome guests to the restaurant. To take a closer look at this place and bring a party to your stomach, heart, and soul, is a two-hour ride from Svolvær, the nearest town with a commercial airport. Another route to get to this route destination is through an inflated boat.

The Food

Every dish that the chefs create here is made with locally-sourced meat. From seaweed tart of fermented trout to honey cake, everything comes with delicious sides and melts in the mouth like butter. The place offers snacks from the forest, like cured reindeer neck and birch syrup crackers, or snacks from the sea like raw shrimp. The farther you explore, the more whimsical your food will get in this magical place. Over the course of three days, one can explore 25 different courses, all a new and unique experience.

The Breathtaking Outdoors

After you satisfy yourself with the food, it’s time to explore the outdoors of this restaurant amid the beauty of Norway. Standing in between the woods, the views here are mesmerizing. Especially their farm is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. You’ll find many goats bleating and cows mooing here.