Pickle Ice Cream Is The Latest Entry Into the Pantheon Of Sweet And Salty Desserts

The humble pickle’s popularity has been skyrocketing lately, as an increasing number of establishments are paying homage to the fermented cucumber. Jacob’s Pickles might be one of the leaders of the pickle revolution, but even fast food chains are getting in on the trend, as Sonic recently announced the addition of a pickled flavored slushie to their menus.

Pickles have been inching their way into the spotlight, first when they became a starring side dish as chefs began to batter and fry the crunchy treat, finding that the bright brine of the pickle was a perfect contrast to the rich, oil soaked batter. Then Millennials discovered the joy of the pickle back, a shot of rich or smokey whiskey followed with another of pickle juice.

The idea of pickle soft serve, however, may seem like it’s a step too far, until one remembers the sheer wonder of the combination of salty with sweet. While no one bats an eye at a chocolate covered pretzel or salted caramel, pickle scented soft serve seems like the stuff of nightmares.

Considering though that the confection is being introduced by the same team behind Jacob’s Pickles, we have a little more faith that the intriguing blend will pleasantly tickle their customers’ taste buds.

At a new fast casual spot called Lucky Pickle Dumplings, the Jacob’s Pickle team is offering all sorts of pickle flecked dishes, but for a fraction of the price of their main establishment. The pickle soft serve itself costs only $5 for what anyone would consider to be a generous swirl.

The delicate ice cream has a slightly green hue appearing at first glance to be a fresh and minty sort of concoction. Absent a garish hue, the treat is surprisingly refreshing, managing to balance creamy ice cream with tang of a fresh pickle.