Take On A Whimsical Tour Of New York City’s Dessert Scene

Forget pub crawls. For all of the fun they afford beer lovers, there’s certainly something to the variety offered when you chose to do a dessert crawl through New York City instead, as you sample bites of some of the best and most innovative pastry chefs working today.

Fish Waffle Cone – Taiyaki NYC

Starting the trip off with a fun twist, the fish waffle cone is shaped to look like a cartoon critter before being topped with colorful swirls of soft serve. The Japanese inspired restaurant offers up unique flavors like matcha, black sesame, and of course, classic vanilla.

Birthday Cake Croissant – Union Fare

The birthday cake croissant is a whimsical rendering of a more upscale treat. Flakey croissant layers are wrapped around frosting that’s been gently tinted pink. The treat comes packed with plenty of bright colors, thanks to a generous helping of sprinkles, both inside and out.

Religieuse – Ladurée

Ladurée may be a French export, but they are certainly not afraid of putting a creative twist on the pastry otherwise known as “religieuse.” French for the word ‘nun,’ the treat traditionally comes topped with chocolate icing, making it look like a nun. It’s rose scented option, however, is far from sacrilege.

Strawberry Ring Dings – Ring Ding Bar

Ring Dings may be better known as a treat purchased in a box from a grocery store, but one bakery has been aiming to make a more upscale version of our favorite childhood treats. The original may be a study in chocolate-like coatings, but at Ring Ding Bar, you can find more colorful and flavorful versions, including strawberry and raspberry pistachio.

Birthday Cake Truffle – Milk Bar

Cake truffles or balls may be all the rage now, and for good reason. As Christina Tosi found, they are the perfect use of leftover cake scraps, especially when you favor the fun of a sprinkle studded confection.