These Are The Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

You might love food, but how much would you be willing to pay for a dish? A few dollars? Maybe you’d splash out on a delicious dessert or a fancy entree? These are the most expensive restaurants in the world that are sure to leave you digging deep into your pockets.

These Are The Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

This restaurant is found 16 feet under the sea. The glass roof means that guests can take in 180 degrees of underwater wonderland. The best bit? You only need to fork over $320 for the privilege of dining alongside the beasts of the deep.

Maison Pic, France

Anne-Sophie Pic is one of a handful of female chefs running a three-star Michelin kitchen. Guests need to pay $375 to get a taste of the menu. However, each bite from each course has been designed to help take your tastebuds around the world.

These Are The Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

Ultraviolet, Shanghai

This immersive restaurant aims to give diners a dinner like no other. It costs around $598 to get one of the 10 seats at this table. Diners are then served 20 courses while the music. Scents, stimulations, and videos have been specially chosen to accompany each bite.

Sublimotion, Ibiza

Believe it or not, but you need to hand over $2,000 per person if you want a chance to taste the menu at Sublimotion. Thankfully, 12 guests get to enjoy 20 entrees as 25 professionals tend to your every need. The entire experience lasts around three hours as diners are taken on a wild ride.

There’s food, and then there’s impeccable food. The most expensive restaurants in the world not only show our taste buds what they could have been missing this entire time, but they take us on a food journey that can often be out of this world. It could be time to start saving.