This Montreal Restaurant Is 164 Feet Up In The Sky

A company in Montreal, Canada called Diner Entre Ciel et Terre aims to offer diners in the city a whole new experience, full of exquisite tastes, views and service. The company’s name translates to “dinner between heaven and earth” and that is exactly what they provide.

Diners who sign up to the experience are lifted at their table to 164 feet off the ground, using a 120 ton crane. The table seats 22 guests as well as chefs and waiters who cook from the center of the table which is covered with a large roof, heated with speakers to play music.

dinner in the sky

The owner, Gaetan Bouthillier took over the idea back in 2013 and he describes the experience as “a multi-course V.I.P. affair.” Guests are suspended for a total of one hour and given a three course meal complete with wine and champagne.

The first and last courses of the meal are served on the ground in a reception tent to avoid any mishaps using cooking equipment.

As for the security, Bouthillier stressed that “All the security and cables are doubled, tripled, and quadrupled. It’s all regulated by strict industry standards. Diners are in comfortable racing seats with harnesses. Staff and cooks are in the middle of a big oval table. The atmosphere is good for conversation.”

The company gives local chefs and restaurants the opportunity to collaborate with them and show of their culinary skills.

dinner in the sky 2

The dinner gives guests the opportunity to enjoy the food, company and wine as well as taking in the breathtaking views at 164 feet. If guests are able to stomach the heights paired with the meal, the experience is a fantastic investment at $180 plus taxes!

The incredible experience is known to leave diners thrilled, full, and amazed which has led the company to become a global franchise with locations popping up in other cities in Canada.

dinner in the sky 3