McDonald’s Release Its First Vegan Burger

As the most popular fast-food chain in the world, McDonald’s definitely doesn’t have an issue with appealing to the masses. However, just because they feed 68 million people a day, that doesn’t mean they can’t continue reaching out to other customers. That’s why McDonald’s restaurants in Germany have started selling a vegan burger.

McDonald’s Release Its First Vegan Burger

What’s It Made From

The fast-food chain isn’t necessarily known for providing a nutritional meal, so a vegan burger may sound a bit too healthy for them. However, McDonald’s is always willing to try new things, which is why they now cook patties made of soy and wheat. The meal itself doesn’t look any different, with the burger wedged between tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and red onion, as well as the traditional sesame seed bun.

Trying Something New

Restaurants chains are being pressured more and more to produce food that follows health regulations due to a rise in obesity, diabetes, and other related diseases. That’s why McDonald’s has put in more of an effort to advertise their healthy alternatives, such as fruit bags and juices. It’s also why they’ve opted to sell vegan burgers in participating restaurants. Not only does it extend their customer base, but it also shows a desire to meet health standards.

McDonald’s Release Its First Vegan Burger

Why Germany?

While McDonald’s is hopeful that a vegan burger will sell well, they’re hesitant to put it out to a global audience. That’s why they’ve started with Germany. Apparently, 1.3 million people were dedicated to plant-based diets there in 2016, so there’s clearly a demand for this kind of meal. With any luck, the burger will meet expectations and make its way into McDonald’s restaurants around the world.

Veganism might not be for everyone, but at least restaurants out there are starting to cater to those who follow this healthy lifestyle.