Make Your Own Chicken Parm With the New Chick-fil-A Home Kits

As more and more people get bored of rifling through their kitchen to see what they can make for dinner and as more and more people get fed up with baking banana bread, it seems as though the need for restaurants and fast-food chains to open up again becomes even more apparent. Of course, due to the ongoing situation, nobody quite knows when eateries are going to go back to normal – but many restaurants are now trying to establish a “new normal,” which means customers can still eat their delicious food.

Continuing To Serve

Although countless restaurants and eateries across the globe have closed their doors and are no longer accepting customers, it seems as though they don’t want to say goodbye completely. They know that people crave their food and their signature dishes, and many of them are now offering alternative options – instead of having these customers dine-in. Some restaurants are offering a take-out-only service, others are still offering delivery, and there are even some – like Chick-fil-A – who are offering meal kits.

Craving Chick-Fil-A

If you’re a fan of this food joint, you’ll know that Chick-fil-A is especially famous for its chicken parm. However, many people have been waiting in anticipation for the restaurants to open up again, assuming that they can’t make the same thing at home. Well, the restaurant has now been able to find a happy medium that suits both them and their customers, because you can now buy a make-it-yourself kit.

Everything You Need

What’s so amazing about these kits is that they offer everything you need. All of the ingredients are put into one kit, and they are even weighed out with pre-measured ingredients so that you can make two servings of chicken parm. The best bit? It’ll only cost you $14.99.

You can use the Chick-fil-A app to order this kit to your home, or you can collect it from the drive-thru.