This Chain Is Bringing In Actual Popcorn Chicken, With Real Popcorn

Let’s be honest; KFC are rulers of the chicken universe. If you disregard the fact that they quite literally ran out of chicken and had to close countless eateries across the United Kingdom a few years ago, they have been able to dominate the food world with their fried chicken. Thanks to the secret recipe and the herbs and spices that go into this food, KFC have maintained a constant fan base over the years. Well, it’s these fans that are now pretty darn excited about their new Popcorn Chicken.

KFC Are Bringing In Actual Popcorn Chicken, With Real Popcorn

The Old Popcorn Chicken

If you’re familiar with KFC’s menu, you’ll know that they offer everything from chicken burgers to original pieces. However, this eatery are also famous for their popular Popcorn Chicken bites. These round balls of breaded chicken have gone down a storm for many years, but people have often been a little confused by the name. Why is it called “Popcorn Chicken” if there is not a kernel of popcorn in sight? Well, it seems as though the Colonel has been listening, because KFC is now releasing Popcorn Chicken that really is made out of popcorn…

Sweet As Popcorn

This new addition to their menu will be called Popcorn Crispy Chicken, and will actually be served as a sweet dish. Yes, you heard that right! It will feature crispy chicken that is breaded in a popcorn crumb, and served with a caramel sauce and creamy whip. While chicken for dessert isn’t uncommon for those who love fried chicken and waffles,this is the first time that KFC have added such an addition to their repertoire. However, you don’t have to have a sweet alternative if you didn’t want to.

KFC Are Bringing In Actual Popcorn Chicken, With Real Popcorn

Life In Hong Kong

At the moment, this limited edition Popcorn Crispy Chicken can only be found in Hong Kong at the moment. As well as offering the chicken as part of a sweet deal (quite literally), they also offer the chicken as part of a meal. Within this meal, you can get two pieces of the chicken, a pot of mashed potatoes, a pot of the famous gravy, and a soft drink in one fell swoop. It’s gone down a treat over the pond, but when will it make its debut in the US?

So far, there’s no news on when it will be coming to other countries in the world, but we have a feeling if we make enough noise it will definitely happen sooner rather than later…

KFC Are Bringing In Actual Popcorn Chicken, With Real Popcorn