Friends-Themed Coffees Are Here

Believe it or not, but Friends is about to celebrate its 25th birthday. Although it’s been many years since we first laughed along with the gang, it’s time to embrace your inner Gunther as Friends-themed coffees are here – and we can’t wait to get a taste.

Friends-Themed Coffees Are Here

The Phoebe

Cookies and cream are the base of this coffee before espresso, vanilla, and chocolate cookie chunks are all added to the mix. Phoebe was right about her grandmother’s cookie recipe after all.

The Ross

Also known as The Break, this coffee is nothing but simple as it’s a classic flat white coffee. Thankfully, it’s velvety and sweet taste is everything you need in a cup.

The Rachel

The matcha latte is the one to bring The Rachel to life. It’s effortlessly trendy, but it doesn’t sacrifice any of its good taste. It could be about to define a new generation.

Friends-Themed Coffees Are Here

The Chandler

Could a toasted caramel and creamy coconut taste blended with espresso sound any better? We thought not. This caramel coconut latte certainly won’t disappoint. Sarcastic comments not included.

The Monica

If you want a perfectly blended drink, then look no further than this midnight mocha. Cold-brew coffee is blended with a rich, dark chocolate to hit notes we thought were only possible at seven.

The Joey

Joey loved all things sweet, and The Joey doesn’t disappoint. The drink is a simple cold-brew mango tea that is sure to give your sweet tooth a treat in the afternoon.

If you want to get your hands on a Friends-themed coffee, then it’s time to head to The Coffee Bean to get your hands on a mug full of goodness as you sit back and reminisce about those memorable episodes once more. Now, it’s ok to be on a break – a long coffee break.