The “Five Guys” Behind One Of The World’s Most Popular Burger Chains

Whoever said that food is good for the soul was obviously eating a burger when they thought of it, because burgers and fries will never get old. This dish is universally loved by people across the globe, and although you can easily make a burger at home, there’s nothing better than heading to your favorite burger joint for them to make it instead. For many people around the world, Five Guys is their go-to burger place.

Who Are The Five Guys Behind One Of The World’s Most Popular Burger Chains?

Where It All Began

Although it may be easy to assume that Five Guys was the collective idea of five different guys, that’s not actually the case. Instead, it was the creation of a man by the name of Jerry Murrell. After his mother told him that he’d end up flipping burgers if he didn’t study, Jerry was conflicted.

He wanted to make his mother proud, but he also didn’t see anything wrong with that job. After all, everyone loves burgers! So, he opened up his first take-out shop in 1986 in Virginia, and hoped that he would be able to bring in the customers.

The “Five Guys” Behind One Of The World’s Most Popular Burger Chains

Starting A Family

As Jerry continued to work at the take-out shop, he also started a family. He got married and welcomed four sons into the world. While he did hope for them to go to college and expand their career, he was surprised when his two eldest children came to him and told him that they didn’t want to go to college.

Yet, he wasn’t disappointed. He took this opportunity and their determination to get the whole family together to create their very first eat-in burger chain. When thinking of a name, they decided on the only thing that meant sense. There were five guys working together, so they called it Five Guys!

The “Five Guys” Behind One Of The World’s Most Popular Burger Chains

A Change In Pace

Sadly, Jerry’s first marriage didn’t work out, but he later found love in the form of his second and current wife. They welcomed another son into the world, but they didn’t think of changing the name.

In fact, Jerry saw this as a chance for him to pass on more responsibility to his sons and for him to take more of a backseat. While they all still work on the restaurants today, they all have their own responsibilities.

Ever wondered why Five Guys is called Five Guys? Well, now you know!