A Cheesy Fan-Favorite at Burger King Has Returned Nationwide

Facebook // Burger King Honduras

Burger King is no stranger to culinary experiments. While constantly introducing new items, the chain also knows the power of bringing back beloved classics. In their latest offering, the restaurant is merging two irresistible favorites: tater tots and cheese! After a successful limited return to select locations in New York, Florida, Arizona, and Colorado in the fall of 2023, the highly anticipated Cheesy Tots are making a triumphant comeback at Burger King outlets nationwide. Originally making waves in 2016, this fan-favorite side dish made its comeback on December 7, 2023.

The Gooey Delight of Cheesy Tots

What makes Cheesy Tots stand out is their perfect combination of a crispy exterior and a warm, gooey, cheese-infused potato interior. While the official nationwide release was December 7, some enthusiasts were able to find the snack at their local Burger King before then.

Reddit // u/NotBond007

Dedicated fans counted down the days until the return of Cheesy Tots. On a Reddit thread buzzing with excitement, users shared their anticipation and nostalgia. One user expressed how he remembered savoring these tots right before going to school, bringing back nostalgic memories. The return of Cheesy Tots is a trip down memory lane for many.

A Nationwide Treat

Unlike some previous releases confined to specific markets, Cheesy Tots hit nationwide at all participating Burger King locations. However, like all good things, their presence on the menu is temporary, adding a sense of urgency for fans to savor the gooey goodness.

Not to worry, though; Burger King has recently added another side dish to its permanent menu to make up for the loss. And for those who might miss out, the adventurous can always try their hand at crafting their own Cheesy Tots at home.