Dunkin Donuts Is Releasing New Flavors Inspired By Girl Scout Cookies

With the limited Girl Scout cookie season in full swing, Dunkin Donuts has been inspired to help us get our cookie fix year round with their newest line of coffee flavors. Inspired by several of the most popular Girl Scout cookie flavors, Dunkin’s new line of coffee will help keep you satisfied, even when you’re boxes have run out.

Not only that, but you may even have a shot at curbing some of your strongest cookie cravings. Though there are usually at least six different types of Girl Scout cookies sold each season, Dunkin Donuts is taking its inspiration from only three of them, Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos (aka Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies), and Samoas (or Caramel De-Lites).

If you just can’t get enough of the cookies, but feel you should maybe cut down on your sugar cravings, then perhaps Dunkin’s coffees will be the better option. It’s hard to go wrong with the national favorite, a chocolate and mint coffee, inspired by the crunchy Thin Mints.

Your other options will be either a coconut and caramel flavored coffee, an homage to the Samoa, or a peanut butter cookie flavor, which is intended as a sister to their incredible oatmeal peanut butter sandwich cookie, with a little hit of Tagalongs. Dunkin is taking their Girl Scout line a step further by simultaneously releasing a chocolate mint doughnut, which will include a sprinkle of crumbled Thin Mints on top for a limited time.

The initiative goes further than celebrating America’s love of Girl Scout cookies. One of the reasons girls still participate in cookie selling has to do with teaching young women about building a business, sales, and managing money. In order to continue to encourage these young girls, Dunkin Donuts will be allowing certain troops to sell their cookies within some of their stores. This way, the girls don’t have to worry that coffee lover will stop buying simply because they’ve gotten their fix in another form.