Cinnabon Has Released Cream Cheese Frosting Cookie Sandwiches – We’re Sold!

Baked goods. Two words that go together better than many others on the planet. Thankfully, Cinnabon saw the gap in the market and took what was rightfully theirs. Although their delicious treats have been enough to keep many of us fulfilled already, it seems there’s a new item to add to their ever-growing collection.

Cinnabon Have Released Cream Cheese Frosting Cookie Sandwiches – We’re Sold!

The New Creation

Sure, Cinnabon has given us a host of delicious sweet treats over the years, such as their churro swirls and KFC dessert biscuits, but there’s something new. Something that goes by the name of the Cinnabon Cookie Frosting Sandwich. We can already feel our mouths are watering at the mere thought, but what are they?!

A Hearty Description

Cinnabon has gone all out to create a taste with words as their press release described the intense flavor that comes from the Cookie Frosting Sandwich. They are made from two snickerdoodle cookies, but that’s not all. They have been infused with Cinnabon cinnamon roll flavor before getting rolled in cinnamon sugar. To top it off, they are held together with cream cheese frosting filling.

Cinnabon Have Released Cream Cheese Frosting Cookie Sandwiches – We’re Sold!

Get Them While You Can

We have to know: where can we get our hands on such a creation? While many of us may be desperate to head to the store and track one down for ourselves, it turns out we might have to look far and wide. The cookies are only available at select Pilot Flying J. This means you might have to plan a road trip if you want to try one for yourself. As if that wasn’t enough, the cookies have been out since July 1, but they disappear on August 25, so you need to be quick!

Time is against us. It’s time to track down one of these Cinnabon Cookie Frosting Sandwich and enjoy the deliciousness for all it’s worth before it’s too late.