Have Your Main Course And Dessert All In One With This Chocolate Calzone

Who said calzones had to be savory? Although the most common thing to put in the Italian dish is cheese, tomato and meat, one restaurant in London decided to think outside of the box and create a chocolate stuffed calzone to satisfy both your sweet and savory tooth simultaneously.

Pizza Pilgrims is known for their tasty pizzas with just the right ratio of cheese to tomato, sat on top of a crispy and perfect dough, so they thought to branch out and give their loyal customers something to talk about.


Not only will the pizza joint be offering chocolate calzones, they are giving the option to bring your own chocolate bar to stuff inside it. If you love a Twix, Mars bar, or a Snickers, look no further and head down to the restaurant to take a bite out of the mouth-watering, delicious treat.


The crispy outside combined with a melted chocolate concoction on the inside, will make your taste buds tingle. Chocolate bars are not the only filling you can have, the restaurant offers plenty of options that work seamlessly together. From Nutella and fresh strawberries to cream and hot chocolate fudge, it is every dessert lovers dream.


The sweet treat is only available at the restaurants Shoreditch branch, so if you want to sink you teeth into it, head over to East London. Needless to say, you are putting yourself at risk of having the greatest sugar rush of your life, not to mention succumbing to the hefty amount of calories that come along with it.

The whole experience is topped off with the ability to bring your own bottle of booze, and the restaurant only charges a corkage fee of $3.50. If you have love Italian cuisine and are a chocolate addict, this is the place for you.