Burger King Is Offering 100 Chicken Nuggets for Only $10

We all know fast food is generally the cheapest, yet this deal tops them all! Whether it is just for you, to share with friends, or to serve at a party, you can now get 10 nuggets for $1 or 100 nuggets for ONLY $10!

With competition against places like Wendy’s, Burger King, and McDonald’s, the big chains are constantly at each other’s throats battling out for something to make them stand out from the crowd. Burger King has certainly won this time as a 10-piece nugget at McDonald’s is about $4, and at Wendy’s they are $3 (and getting increasingly smaller).

The delicious, fried pieces of chicken are a childhood dream, and it is no wonder we still love them into our adulthood given the taste and countless sauce options to dunk them into. Therefore, starting Thursday, October 11, participating Burger King locations nationwide will serve up the dollar deal for a limited time “as long as supplies last,” said a Burger King spokesperson.

But wait – there is more! From October 11 to October 14, Burger King lovers in three cities—Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Los Angeles—will be able to order a special 100 nugget deal for just $10 exclusively via Postmates, and that deal also comes with free delivery when you use the code NUGGS at checkout. There’s a limit of one order per customer, so make it worthwhile.

Whether you plan to eat 10 nuggets or 100, that is entirely up to you, but we do recommend sharing. Show your best mates how generous you are by paying for the bill, all $10 of it. Possibly even help out someone hungry in need. Either way, make sure to get a great range of BK dipping sauces; BBQ, Honey Mustard, Ranch, Zesty, Buffalo, and Sweet & Sour.

If you find 100 to be too much, we have plenty of other recommendations with what you can do with them. Build a nugget house, dip them in two sauces and use them as checker pieces, or even swap them for poker chips. Your nugget world is endless.