Adam Richman Shares 3 Top Secret Restaurants

If you think of Adam Richman and secret restaurants, it seems like quite the paradox. When the larger than life Man v. Food star is out and about, it’s no secret; you’ll know about it! However, Richman has found three hidden gems that like to keep themselves to themselves.

La Gruta Teotihuacán, Mexico

Apparently, in Mexico, there is a secret restaurant that is nestled in a cave. When Adam Richman visited the bizarre eatery for the first time, he was in awe of the history behind this enchanted place.

“It was once used to stash gold for the ancient Mayans, and then-President Madero and General Diaz used to have banquets surrounded by the gold to show status,” he said. “Now that same cave is a restaurant serving up amazing, authentic Mexican cuisine.”

Evans & Peel Detective Agency, London

richman 2

With a murder mystery shtick that you have to apply through online, Evans & Peel Detective Agency is the type of joint that Sherlock Holmes would relish in.

“There’s no indication there’s a restaurant at all,” Richman said. “[The waiter] interviews you about the case for a while, and then when you’ve answered the questions to his satisfaction, he pulls a lever hidden inside the bookcase and the entire bookcase opens to reveal a sick gastropub.”

Bogie’s Place at JM Curley, Boston

richman 1

When a restaurant decides to hide itself within another restaurant, you know there’s something special going on. At Bogie’s Place, you have to peer behind a curtain in order to get a taste of their world-class rib-eye steak.

“It’s inside the popular hamburger spot JM Curley – most people think the entrance to Bogie’s is going to lead you to a private room or the kitchen,” Richman said. “The steaks there are top-quality. Everyone in the front bar is eating burgers; I interviewed people there and asked them where I could get a good steak – no one knew there was a steakhouse back there.”