Top Passover Dessert Recipes Worth a Try

One of the essential ingredients in your kitchen during the Passover is the Matzo cake meal. It has a texture closest to flour, perfect for baking everything from bread to brownies, cakes to cookies. Here we’ve rounded up a few popular Matzo cake meal desserts to grace your Passover dinner table this year.

Passover Choco-Nut Mandel Bread

This is a Passover treat for all the chocolate lovers out there. This tasty bread can be your staple family recipe for the holiday! The rich buttery bread is studded with handfuls of nuts and chocolate chips. If you want to elevate it more, bake and cool down the bread and then dip each piece into melted semisweet chocolate. The Mandel bread is the definition of sheer decadence and is sure to wow everybody!

Deb’s Passover Brownies

These delicious fudgy brownies are a true Passover treat. This very chocolaty brownie is the awesome final result of Matzo cake meal and potato starch combined with cocoa powder and hefty amounts of chocolate chips and nuts of choice. Pair the brownies with a glass of milk or milkshake of your choice, and nothing can be more satiating!

Passover Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oven-fresh chocolate chip cookies are a possible stellar hit in your household already. Make the mania even bigger with this Matzo cake meal choco-chip cookies, which are decadently rich and moist inside and perfectly crispy and crunchy outside. Trust us, this cookie recipe is so good, that you may just want to make them all year-round. Because it’ll be just too hard to wait until next Passover for enjoying another batch of this delicious baked good!

Chocolate Passover Sponge Cake

Need more chocolate? Bake this delicious chocolatey sponge cake to satiate your chocolate craving. This chocolate cake has a light-as-air texture, which comes from mixing Matzo cake meal and potato starch with lots of eggs. Amp up the flavor of the cake using espresso powder mixed with water, or better, brewed coffee in the batter. Elevate the elegance of this Passover sponge cake with almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, or even pistachios.

Five-ingredient Passover Chocolate Torte

Bring extra elegance to the dinner table this Passover with this simple but delicious five-ingredient chocolate torte. While semisweet chocolate mixed with eggs and sugar makes this tasty torte, a handful of ground almonds provide the needed crunchy bites. The secret ingredient? Add pareve margarine to the batter to make the torte moister, leaving the center a little fudgy after baking. Don’t worry about the leftovers, since there won’t be any!