These Rosé Treats Are Perfect For Instagram

Rosé, while it feels especially fancy because of the accent mark over the E (tres French), is actually one of the world’s oldest and simplest wines. It’s on the sweeter side and was traditionally considered a dessert wine, perfect to pair with a sweet treat.

Rosé wasn’t really on any serious wine lovers’ radar and was something that could get you laughed at by the sommelier if you ordered it at a restaurant, but now its finally having its moment in the sun.

Due to its appealing pink color, Rosé has become a major Instagram star and is enjoying a resurgence of popularity among Millenials. But not everyone wants to just drink Rosé; some people want to eat it as well! Check out these unexpected sweets featuring the delicious flavor of Rosé.

Rosé Chocolate

Everyone knows and loves a variety of chocolate: white chocolate, dark chocolate with a high percentage of cacao, chocolate with hazelnuts inside, chocolate with sea salt and caramel…the list goes on. But you’ve definitely never seen or tried a chocolate as unique as this creation from the French-style Los Angeles based confectioner Compartés! It’s their trademark rose-infused “Pretty in Pink” chocolate bar which can satisfy your sweet tooth in two ways. Whether you were craving wine or chocolate, this treat is sure to please. Cheers!

Rosé Swizzle Stick

This distinctive treat comes courtesy of Beverly Hills based confectioner Sugarfina. Forget about your basic rock candy you used to suck off your fingers in elementary school – this unique work of art can be enjoyed on its own, or paired with a glass of your favorite rose. If you choose to drink with your sweet treat, try dipping it into your glass as this 24K plated rock sugar “dissolves to shimmery golden specks.when you dip your 24K Rosé Swizzle Stick into your drink.” Talk about a perfect Instagram moment.