Try This Awesome Recipe of the Wholesome Power Bowl

Some wholesome, homemade, dishes can work wonders when it comes to proper nutrition. Power bowls are such a wonderfully versatile dish, which can work either as a hearty breakfast or a power-packed lunch. This particular power bowl recipe is easy to throw in with just a handful of regular ingredients and is fully loaded with much-needed fiber, carbs, vitamin-packed leafy greens, healthy protein, and just the right amount of fat. Write down this easy recipe to whip up this delicious dish in a jiffy!

Ingredients of Power Bowls (For 2 Servings):

● Cooked rice, 2 cups

● Large eggs, 4

● Crumbled feta cheese, ¼ cup

● Chopped kale leaves, 3 cups

● Finely chopped garlic, 2 cloves

● Sliced avocado, 1

● Water or whole milk, 1 tbsp.

● Extra-virgin olive oil, 2 tbsp. (divided)

● Fine sea salt, as per taste

● Crushed black pepper

● Hot sauce, for serving (optional)

● Pico de gallo, for serving

Method of Preparing Power Bowls:

● Beat eggs in a bowl. Then add milk or water, cheese, and a pinch of salt and pepper each. Mix it and set it aside.

● Place a large non-stick skillet on medium-high flame. Heat ½ tbsp. of oil. Add the cooked rice and fry lightly. Divided the rice between two bowls. Cover the bowls to keep them warm.

● Heat 1 tbsp. of oil, again, on medium heat. Now, add garlic and kale, and cook, while stirring occasionally. Add a pinch of salt. After 2 minutes, the kale should be wilted. Take the kale out and divide between the bowls. Keep them covered.

● Next, heat the remaining oil on low heat. Add the beaten eggs and scramble to desired consistency. You have the free reign here!

● Now, divide the eggs between the two rice bowls. Top each bowl with pico de gallo and avocado. Want to add a final kick to your power bowls? A dash of hot sauce will do the job!