Recipe of Swiss-Inspired Potato Rosti

Swiss-inspired potato rosti is a great anytime snack, breakfast staple, or lunch side dish. Follow this easy recipe and make the pan-fried shredded potato dish to please your family and friends, especially this winter.

Ingredients (For 4-6 servings):

• Waxy or starchy potatoes, 1kg / 2lb • Cooking salt or kosher salt, ¾ tsp • Finely ground black pepper, ½ tsp • Melted clarified butter, 1 tbsp • Ghee / clarified butter / vegetable oil, 4 tbsp (for cooking)


• Peel the potatoes and grate in nice long strands, using a box grater. Then squeeze out the excess liquid from the potatoes. This process helps make the potatoes crispier while cooking.

• Place the squeezed potatoes in a deep bowl. Add butter/ ghee, salt, and pepper, and then toss it, thoroughly.

• Take a shallow non-stick pan or skillet, preferably with sloped sides. These types of pans are best to remove and flip the rosti easily. Place the pan on medium-low heat and melt the clarified butter or normal butter, or pour some cooking oil.

• Place the prepared potatoes in the pan, but don’t overload it. Use a spatula to even the edges, and lightly pat on the surface to even down.

• Cook for 12 minutes until the underside is very golden and crispy. Use your spatula to check periodically by lifting the edge.

• Now it’s the flipping time! Cover the pan with a wooden board. Take out the pan and the board from fire, hold the handle of the pan tightly, and flip the rosti quickly and confidently!

• Melt the remaining cooking oil, butter, or clarified butter in the pan. Then gently slide the rosti back and cook for another 12 minutes until crispy and golden. Insert a knife into the middle and you should feel no resistance.

• Slide the cooked rosti onto a cutting board, cut into wedges and serve immediately with ketchup or your favorite dips.

Pro Tip:

If flipping a large rosti is not your game, you can easily make small round-shaped individual rosti and fry in batches. Go for it if you prefer your rosti thinner and crispier.