Here’s a Recipe for Homemade Compound Butter

Butter is the key ingredient in most recipes. It makes all food delicious and smooth and its multiple uses in the kitchen are no secret. Butter makes everything taste better, whether it’s your favorite white sauce pasta or just an old toast. But what if our usual butter could get better? Yes, you read that right! Here’s a recipe for the usual butter with a twist: compound butter.

What Is Compound Butter?

Compound butter is our usual butter with some added seasonings. It’s a combination of different herbs, citrus, and garlic paste. One will often find it as a topping on dishes that have fish in them or with steak. It does wonders for a dish when used as a sauce, especially with pasta and baked potatoes. One can mix and match the herbs and make different recipes of compound butter.

How to Make Compound Butter

A basic recipe for compound butter is best suited for dishes like spaghetti. All you need is butter, preferably unsalted, with salted mixers like miso paste, briny capers, and flavorings of your liking. Soften the butter, and add the mixer and chosen seasonings like black pepper and kosher salt. Mix them all well, roll them in parchment paper, and freeze them for later use.

Shelf-Life of Compound Butter

Compound butter is expected to last for around three or four months in the fridge, while in the freezer it can stay fresh for almost a year. But if something is kept in the freezer, it’s important to ensure it’s well wrapped. The same is the case for compound butter. The shelf life of compound butter depends on the ingredients added to the butter. If the recipe has any ingredient that’s perishable, one should freeze it to make it last longer. For all the first-timers, it’s recommended to either make big batches and freeze them or make small batches of different types and try different toppings each time, depending on your mood and occasion.