Here’s a Recipe for Tasty Fish Sticks Made in an Air Fryer

Unannounced guests coming over? Don’t know what snack to make? Looking for sides to have with drinks? Here’s the solution to all those questions. An easy-to-make, less oily, quick bite, suitable for all occasions and loved by everyone – fish sticks.


Fish Sticks

● 1 pound cod

● 2 large eggs

● 1 bowl of bread crumbs

● Olive oil or any cooking oil

● ½ cup cornstarch

● ½ teaspoon salt or as per your taste

● 1 teaspoon paprika

● ½ teaspoon black pepper

● Fresh basil leaves

Pickle and Caper Tartar Sauce

● 2 tablespoons capers

● 1/2 cup mayonnaise

● 1/8 teaspoon kosher salt

● 1/4 cup minced pickles

● 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice


1. The first step is to defrost the frozen fish or wash the fresh fish properly. 2. Dip the fish in cornstarch or flour, to give it that perfect crispy texture. 3. The next step is to wrap those fish sticks in egg batter and bread crumbs, as they enhance the taste as well as the texture. 4. Once that’s done, coat the fish sticks with some nonstick cooking spray to give its exterior that necessary fat. 5. Meanwhile, to prepare the tartar sauce, put all the ingredients for the sauce in a bowl and mix until well combined. 6. Put those sticks in the air fryer and wait for them to turn light brown, and Viola! The snacks are ready to be served.

Things to Remember

Whitefish is the best choice when it comes to these fish sticks. The most commonly used fish for this snack is cod as it stays buttery and soft, yet firm. Other varieties like tilapia, grouper, halibut, or snapper can also be used. To ensure the fish sticks are cooked properly, always spray the basket of the air fryer first, so the food doesn’t stick to it. Also, never add too many sticks together in the air fryer.