Your Salads Are About To Become Pretty In Pink With This Lettuce!

Millennials can take a lot of credit for much of what is going in life at the moment – and we mean that in regards to trends and social media. With the popular use of Instagram and the users’ constant need to up their game, we see new trends appearing almost weekly! The latest trend to add to that list: Pink Lettuce.


That’s right, your Instagram page is about to be lifted when you sit down and enjoy a pink salad. Being dubbed, millennial pink lettuce, this latest food craze is bound to appear all over your social media feeds soon, and is taking 2018 by storm already.

According to Eater, the lettuce in question is called Radicchio del Veneto, aka La Rosa del Veneto. Mostly grown in parts of Italy, the pink chicory can also be found in California, Pennsylvania, and other states. How does the lettuce get to that pink coloring, you wonder?


The pink coloring is developed after being “forced,” which means it is grown for a certain amount of time, harvested in the fall, then replanted, and grown in the dark. Just when you thought adding an avocado to your salad was all the rage, there is a new guy in town.

Following suit from many other pink trends that are popping up recently, this one is certainly going to spice up your desire for eating salads. It has already made its way on the menu of King in Soho, New York, but can also be purchased from Wholefoods and other farmers markets.


Let’s hope this trend actually remains, because who doesn’t want to eat pink lettuce? It makes a change from all those greens we’re so used to eating and filling our plates with. This way, we can have a colorful plate that will make our food that extra bit more enticing.