How To Make Your Own Oat Milk At Home – It’s Simple!

Many of us have fallen in love with oat milk, but did you know you could be saving yourself a ton of money? That’s right; you can make your own oat milk at home! The best bit? It’s pretty simple.

How To Make Your Own Oat Milk At Home – It’s Simple!

Mix Your Ingredients

All you need is one cup of rolled oats, three cups of very cold water, and a pinch of kosher salt. Simply take the ingredients and blend them together on a high setting for 30 seconds to a minute until everything is mixed together. If you like thicker oat milk, simply use less water or add is some more oats before blending for the desired results.

Strain It All

Once everything is blended, you need to run your mixture through a strainer. It’s best to choose one with as fine a mesh as you can find to ensure that no lumps make it through. As an extra precaution, it’s a good idea to repeat the process – washing the strainer in between uses – to make sure you are left with the smoothest oat milk possible.

How To Make Your Own Oat Milk At Home – It’s Simple!

Keep It Fresh

Have no fear; that’s all you need to do to make oat milk! After it’s been strained, pour your milk into a glass jar with a sealable lid and keep it in the fridge until use. Here, it will stay fresh for up to five days. Don’t worry if you find your homemade milk separates over time – that’s completely natural. All you need to do is shake your milk before each use to make sure it’s good to go. Just be sure to avoid heating it, as the oats will cook, and your mixture may become gluey.

Feel The Benefits

Thankfully, there are many benefits to making your own oat milk. It’s a lot cheaper than buying a carton from the store, but that’s not all. Homemade oat milk also means you skip on all the added gums and oils that can often be added to any store-bought versions. Although your homemade milk might taste grainier to start with, your body and purse should soon thank you for making the switch.

See, making your own oat milk at home doesn’t have to be as scary as we once thought. In fact, you could soon see yourself the talk of your town as you work your magic in the kitchen.