Low Carb Dinners For Those On A Keto Diet

The Keto Diet is one that has taken over the world as many of us aim to cut the carbs and load up on the rest of the good stuff. So what about when you need a little dinner inspiration? That’s when low-carb dinner for those on a Keto Diet might be able to help.

Low Carb Dinners For Those On A Keto Diet

Chicken And Cabbage

Not all salads have to come filled with ingredients. All you need to do is slice some cabbage and ¼ of a red onion before topping it with olive oil and seasoning. Then, merely add on ½ a pound of rotisserie chicken to the plate and add a healthy spoon on mayonnaise as a condiment. Simple, yet effective.

Fried Eggs With Pork And Kale

Start by shredding kale and frying until it’s brown at the edges. Remove the kale from the pan and add in three ounces of bacon or pork belly until the meat is seared. Turn the heat down before adding in the kale as well as a handful of frozen cranberries and walnuts. Remove your base form the pan and fry off two eggs before layering it all up and enjoying your dinner.

Low Carb Dinners For Those On A Keto Diet

Italian Platter

Sometimes, we don’t want to spend hours chained to the stove. Thankfully, an Italian platter can be delicious as well as low-carb. Selections such as green olives, tomatoes, prosciutto ham, and fresh mozzarella can all stick within our limits while giving us the perfect grazing platter while fulfilling all of our Mediterranean needs at once.

Western Omelet

To begin, you need to whisk eggs and sour cream until the mixture is nice and fluffy. Add in a handful of shredded cheese and some salt and pepper, and mix. Fry off peppers, onions, and diced ham in a pan for a few minutes before pouring over the cheesy egg mixture. Finish off by adding in another handful of shredded cheese, folding your omelet, and serving it up. Voila!

Just because you’re following the Keto Diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on delicious meals, right? Of course not! Thankfully, these recipes are not only low-carb, but they’re pretty quick to make, too.