This Stew Went Viral On Instagram And It’s Easy To See Why

There’s a high chance that you’ve seen countless viral stories, videos, and photographs over the years. The World Wide Web is packed full of them. Over the past few years, chefs and Instagram users alike have been able to use this to their advantage.

They have posted their dishes on social media to cause a buzz, and they have allowed that buzz to promote their page, their products, or just gain them a few followers. This was the case when “The Stew” was posted on Instagram. It became an overnight sensation.

This Stew Went Viral On Instagram And It’s Easy To See Why

The Woman Behind It All

To fully understand why this stew caused such a stir, we need to know a little more about the woman behind the recipe. Yes, we have to thank Alison Roman for bringing this dish into our lives, because without her we wouldn’t know of this viral sensation or be able to eat such a delicious stew. Alison Roman is a famous chef who has brought some of the greatest recipes into our lives, but this isn’t the first time she’s had a dalliance with the social media world.

This Stew Went Viral On Instagram And It’s Easy To See Why

The Cookies

In February 2018, Alison’s name became the talk of the culinary town. That’s because she released a cookbook that had a recipe for shortbread chocolate chip cookies. While this might not seem like something special, it seems as though those who made the cookies couldn’t quite believe how good they were.

Everyone had to have their say on the cookies, more people made their way to the store to buy her cookbook and the ingredients to make the cookies, and they racked up countless mentions on Instagram. It seems as though she wasn’t done, however, as she did exactly the same in the fall of 2018.

This Stew Went Viral On Instagram And It’s Easy To See Why

The Stew

Although the recipe for this stew was released in the fall, people are still talking about it today. It’s all everyone is talking about on Instagram, and it’s trending everywhere. But what’s so special about this stew? Well, stews are rarely considered to be delicious and impressive. They are instead used to warm people up on a cold day, or use up vegetables. However, Alison has changed the game with this spiced chickpea and coconut stew. The mixture of spice and vegetables seems to be the perfect combination.

Ready to try out the stew that went viral? We are!