IKEA Has Shared its Secret Meatballs Recipe with the World

Hands up if you’ve been dreaming of the moment when you can finally leave your house and head to the nearest restaurant or eatery for a delicious meal? For most people, it’s not the idea of going outside that excites them, but rather the idea that they could be eating restaurant-quality food within just a few weeks. Yes, we’re all coming to the end of our quarantine cooking tether, but did you know that IKEA has now shared its secret meatballs recipe?

Closing Up Shop

With the world under lockdown, it should come as no surprise to hear that IKEA locations across the globe have closed up shop. They are no longer accepting customers into their hallowed hallways – and bedrooms, and kitchens, and living rooms – and they’re definitely not accepting customers into their in-store restaurants. Because of this, meatball lovers have not been able to make their way to IKEA for some high-quality food, and it seems to be taking its toll.

The First Mouthful

Many people are now dreaming of the first mouthful they take of restaurant-standard food, but it seems as though we don’t have to wait until the lockdown is lifted. That’s because IKEA has now released the recipe for their meatballs, something that has been a secret for decades. As if that wasn’t enough, they have also shared the recipe for their famous sauce as well!

Everything You Could Need

The kind souls behind the IKEA Twitter account decided to bless us all with the recipe for one of the best meals in the world, and they even created a handy recipe card and guide to talk cooks through the whole process. By the end of it, you should have IKEA-restaurant-quality meatballs, and then it’s down to you whether you want to pair it with mashed potatoes or some fries. The choice is yours.

Well, we know what we’ll be making for our dinner tonight.