High Protein Recipes For Before And After Workouts

Getting enough protein is extremely important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After extensive exercise, it is essential you consume a substantial amount of protein to ensure your muscles are getting the nutrition they need. Protein will allow them to repair and grow, and is vital for improving strength and increasing muscle mass.

Sure protein powders, bars, and snacks are a great way to eat protein, but there are so many mouth-watering dishes that you could be making. No more downing them protein shakes…Here’s some of what we think are the most delicious high protein recipes you could and should be eating before and after workouts!

High Protein Recipes For Before And After Workouts

Egg Omelet With Peppers and Turkey

Egg whites are a necessity for getting in low-fat high-protein nutrition, and an omelet is a delicious way to pack in the protein. Add any spices and veggies to the omelet, but we recommend colorful peppers, oozing cheddar, and lean turkey to really liven up the dish.

Asian Quinoa With Tofu

For the vegetarians out there, tofu is an excellent way of eating healthy protein. Asian flavors and spices are tofu’s best friends, so why not zing up your dinner with a splash of soy sauce, ginger, and chilies, accompanied by the high-protein grain quinoa.

High Protein Recipes For Before And After Workouts

Turkey Lentil Burgers

If you need a bit of food comfort, treat yourself to some scrumptious turkey and lentil burgers. You’ll be getting in both animal and plant-sourced protein, plus the carbs from the burger bun will give you the well-needed post-workout energy boost. Flavor the burger how you like and add different burger toppings to your desire!

Slow Cooked Salmon

Don’t worry. You won’t need a slow cooker for this one. Instead wrap up the salmon with some chickpeas, capers, any other flavorings you like, then chuck in a low-heated oven. You’ll get a juicy, flakey and tender fillet of salmon that can be paired with any grain or veggies you like. A sprinkle of fresh lemon juice is a must!

High Protein Recipes For Before And After Workouts

Sweet Potato Fish Cakes

For a healthy alternative to fish cakes, use sweet potato instead for a high-fiber version. Add any fish you like the most, and throw in your favorite herbs and spices for extra flavor. Crisp up the cakes so they are golden on the outside but warm and fluffy in the middle. Serve with sour cream and a tasty salad.

Never feel stuck for high protein recipes again! Put the powder down and tuck into one of these instead.