Golden Grahams S’More Bites Have Somehow Snuck Under The Radar

New food products make their way onto the market every single day, and this means that some of them can slip under the radar and leave us unaware of the deliciousness that exists in the world. Most of the time, we soon realize that these things are walking the same ground as us, and we just have to share this news with those who will truly appreciate it. So, you’re welcome. S’More bites are officially over the radar.

Golden Grahms S’More Bites Have Somehow Snuck Under The Radar

Transforming Their Recipe

If you’re familiar with General Mills, you’ll know that this brand has brought some of the most delicious treats onto this planet, and for this, we wholeheartedly shake their hands. Not only are they to thank for Golden Grahams cereal, but they have also used their recipe to create various other products. When Golden Grahams S’More Cereal Bars made their way into the world, there’s no doubt about the fact that people went wild. Now they’ve released something else, and you might want to hold onto your hats…

Into Bitesize Pieces

Although Golden Grahams S’More Cereal Bars rocked our world, it seems as though everyone likes eating things in miniature size nowadays. That’s probably why General Mills decided to cut up their bars into bitesize pieces and then switch up the recipe slightly. That’s because S’More Bites are now a thing, and they look absolutely delicious. This product is essentially made from soft donut bites that are then filled with marshmallow and chocolate. Just pop them in the microwave for 30 mins and enjoy the gooey sweetness that comes out of it. Have you ever seen anything so edible?

Golden Grahms S’More Bites Have Somehow Snuck Under The Radar

The world is full of amazing food products, but we can’t help if the world has now peaked. Can we get any better than Golden Grahams S’More Bites? We think not.