Food That Fills You Up For Longer So You Don’t Snack All Day

Do you constantly have to deal with the rumble in the jungle? The growl of your bowel? The hunger pains that just can’t be tamed? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are many delicious foods out there that will only give you a small hint of instant gratification before leaving you wanting more. Although you may have only eaten an hour ago, you just can’t wait until your next meal, so you find yourself snacking on everything from chips to candy in the meantime. If you want to stop this from happening, check out these foods that will fill you up for longer.

Food That Fills You Up For Longer So You Don’t Snack All Day


There’s nothing worse than eating your breakfast in the hope that it will fill you up until lunch, only to discover that you’ve eaten a whole pack of cookies because it just didn’t touch the sides. You end up gorging on unhealthy treats to combat the hunger pains – and it’s just a vicious cycle. But what do you actually eat for breakfast? If you don’t have a bowl of oatmeal, you might want to start eating it ASAP. That’s because oatmeal is full of soluble fiber and beta-glucan which will help you stay full for longer.


Nuts are great to snack on if you find yourself dealing with that mid-morning craving. They are full of protein and healthy nutrients, and they’re also pretty delicious. Walnuts and almonds are some of the best nuts to choose if you want to stay full for longer, but it seems as though the way you eat them will also have an effect on your hunger pains. If you eat almonds with just 10-25 chews, there’s a high chance that you will feel hungry quicker. However, if you chew almonds more than 40 times, you will be able to ward off those hunger pains quicker.

Food That Fills You Up For Longer So You Don’t Snack All Day


Meat is chock-full of protein that should satisfy your cravings and your hunger, but if you really want to ward off your hunger pains, then you might want to think about the kind of meat that you’re cooking up. Beef is one of the best meats to help you curb your cravings, and studies suggest that those who eat protein within their lunchtime meal actually eat less in the evening.

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