Easy Ways To Make Matcha

Matcha is all the rage right now. From its Instagram perfect green tint, the traditional Japanese tea blend can now be found in everything from lattes to cupcakes to macarons. But along with matcha’s newfound fame come an intense price tag – sometimes you don’t want to break the budget just to enjoy its unique and complex flavor.

Luckily, there’s quick and easy ways to make Matcha at home, even if you’re not exactly a master chef in the kitchen. All you need are a few basic tools to start, and we promise, the rest is easy.

In the traditional matcha making method, you need any old tea strainer you have lying around, a matcha bowl (matcha-chawan), a bamboo tea ladle (chashaku), a bamboo whisk (chasen), and finally the matcha tea leaves themselves.

Generously fill up your ladle with around one teaspoon of the leaves and dump them in the strainer, til they reach the matcha bowl. Use the ladle itself to make sure any leftover leaves get through the sieve. Then, add two ounces of boiling water to the bowl. Make sure not to lose your grip on the bowl as you vigorously stir the leaves with the special bamboo whisk.

Whip the matcha until it gets nice and frothy, like the top of a cappuccino. Once you see a nice emerald green surface, you know that the matcha is ready to be enjoyed. You can add the flavoring to ice cream or pretty much anything that you want to give a slightly mysterious, sweet flavor.

Of course, you can also just drink the matcha on its own and impress everyone on your Instagram feed with pictures of your exotic work of art. Consuming Matcha has numerous health benefits, including a decreased rate of heat disease and diabetes. Happy drinking!