This Dessert Gnocchi Is a Game Changer

Most of us are familiar with gnocchi as a savory dish, but some culinary genius has taken this Italian food to the next level. This is the dessert gnocchi that we think is going to prove to be a game-changer.

This Dessert Gnocchi Is a Game Changer

The Method

Boil the gnocchi for two minutes, then drain and add to a large mixing bowl. Throw in a tablespoon of melted unsalted butter and toss it all together. Once your gnocchi is coated, add in half a cup of cinnamon sugar to the mixing bowl and give that a final toss.

Moving onto the all-important sauce, microwave three-quarters of a cup of heavy cream for 30-second intervals until it begins to bubble. Pour your molten cream over two-thirds of a cup of chocolate chips and cover with a plate for three minutes. Once your cream and chocolate have gotten to know each other a little better, add a quarter of a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and just a pinch of cayenne pepper. Whisk it all together to create an indulgent creamy dip for your sweet and doughy gnocchi.

This Dessert Gnocchi Is a Game Changer

Game Changer

Once you’ve tasted this incredible dessert, it will be your go-to for dinner parties forevermore. You can even change the recipe to make it feel healthier if you are conscious about how many calories you’re going to be eating. Simply substitute the regular potato gnocchi for the cauliflower variety. Instead of using heavy cream, cultured probiotic cream cheese is a viable alternative, with coconut sugar as a substitute for cinnamon sugar. Now all you’ll need to do is grab some cocktail sticks to pick up your dessert gnocchi balls or embrace the chaos and dive in with your fingers.

If you want to taste gnocchi as you’ve never had it before, then this dessert is the dish for you. This indulgent dessert will make you forget that you’ve even eating gnocchi at all.