Cookbooks That Everyone Should Own According To Professional Chefs

Although we live in a digital age where you can find anything and everything online, there’s still nothing quite like flicking through a cookbook and finding new and exciting recipes. Instead of finding these recipes through Google, you get to actually turn the pages yourself, write a few notes or make changes if you want to. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting cake batter on your phone. Here are the cookbooks that everyone should own!

Cookbooks That Everyone Should Own

The Flavor Bible – Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg

The Flavor Bible isn’t so much of a cookbook but is more of a helpful guide to cooking. Have you ever wondered which flavors work well together? Or which herbs to pair with your meat? Well, Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg have got your back. Through their Flavor Bible, they teach you exactly what works well together and how you can take your dish to the next level.

The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook – Martha Stewart

When it comes to cooking, Martha Stewart certainly knows her stuff. She’s the queen of the home, and her recipes have proved to be incredibly popular over the years. Because she has written countless recipes, it’s hard to know which ones are her best – which is why we’re thankful for The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook. This cookbook features a whopping 1,200 recipes that are considered to be some of her most delicious.

Cookbooks That Everyone Should Own

The Food Lab – J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt has made waves in the world of cooking, and after the success of his column, he decided to branch out and offer his fans a physical book of some of his favorite recipes. These tried and tested dishes will wow your taste buds and allow you to put on the best dinner party for your friends and family. The proof is in the dessert, the main course, and the appetizer with this one.

Dining In – Alison Roman

Although there’s nothing better than going out and having someone else do the cooking for you, dining in is also something that you can’t take for granted. When you do decide to cook your own food, you probably want something hearty and wholesome. That’s where Alison Roman and her Dining In cookbook comes into play.

Do you have these cookbooks? If not, you need them now!