Four Methods to Cook Lobster Tails Perfectly Every Time

Lobster is a delicacy, and the tail is the toughest part to manage. Overcooked lobster meat gives a chewy and rubbery texture no one loves! But not to worry anymore! Here are some cooking methods to help you wow your guests with your lobster-making culinary skills every time!


Steaming is by far the simplest method of cooking lobster tails. Boil the water and top it with a steam basket. Then put the lobster tails in the center and cover the pot. Keep a close eye on the tails. Once the shell transforms into that classic red color and the meat gets opaque, take them out from the steamer. If your water is boiling well, that shouldn’t take more than 4-5 minutes.

Broiled With Top Shell Split

According to the internet, it’s the most popular method of cooking lobster tails. Split-shelled broiled lobster tails deliver the delicious goodness with an added touch of classy looks, all in just 5-7 minutes! For this, start by cutting through the middle of the tail’s top shell. Gently split the shell apart to reveal the flesh. Brush melted butter and season with salt and pepper before broiling. Your gourmet-looking, golden-hued delectable lobster tails will be ready in minutes!

Broiled With Bottom Shell Split

It’s the exact same method as the previous one, but here the meat is exposed on the underside. Flip the lobster tail on its back, then start cutting along the two sides, carefully removing off the bottom shell completely. This time, you will feel the meat is easier to pop out. Brush with butter and season as before, broiling the tail face side up. Splitting the shells on top or bottom before broiling is completely an aesthetic choice. It depends upon how you want your lobster tails to look on the plate.


Grilling adds a depth of flavor to the classic buttery taste of lobster tails. Cut right down the center through the shell. After brushing with butter and adding the salt and pepper seasoning, sear it on the grill over medium to high heat. Flip and cook both sides by giving each side four to five minutes. The smoky flavor will surely make this one your favorite method!