Cinnamon Rolls Stuffed With Bacon? Yes Please

Sweet and gooey cinnamon rolls? Yes, please. Delicious bacon? Of course. There is only one thing left to do with two of the most delectable items on the menu: make cinnamon rolls stuffed with bacon – and change food forever.

Cinnamon Rolls Stuffed With Bacon? Yes Please

Set The Scene

To start, you need to set your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, be sure to grease a medium-sized baking dish with a generous amount of cooking spray to make sure that nothing sticks.

Prepare Your Bacon

Take a medium heat and large skillet for your bacon. Cook each strip for around five minutes on each side until it starts to crisp. Finish by generously brushing each piece with maple syrup and cooking for a further 30 seconds until the syrup thickens.

Cinnamon Rolls Stuffed With Bacon? Yes Please

Create The Rolls

Separate the cinnamon rolls before unrolling each one into a long strip. Place two slices of bacon end-to-end along each roll and then re-roll your cinnamon wonders with the bacon in the middle. Finally, place the cinnamon rolls into the baking dish and cook for around 25 – 30 minutes.

Make Your Frosting

Of course, no cinnamon roll would be complete without frosting, right? Combine butter and cream cheese until you have a fluffy mixture. Then, add vanilla and powdered sugar and beat until it’s all smooth. You can add a splash of milk to the frosting if you need to loosen the mixture at all. To finish your cinnamon rolls stuffed with bacon, pour over the icing and serve them up!

There are a few things that can get our mouths watering, but the thought of cinnamon rolls stuffed with bacon? It’s too much to handle. We need to get ourselves to a kitchen ASAP and bake up enough to go around. After all, this creation is too good to keep to ourselves.