Breakfast Edition: The Recipe for Migas

Wondering what to have for breakfast? You can try the vibrant and tasty Migas. It will be a change to your usual milk and cereal. This dish is loaded with the fluffiness of the scrambled eggs, the freshness of pico de gallo, the crispiness of tortilla chips, and a lot of melted cheese. This savory dish is popular in Portugal, Spain, Texas, and Mexico. You can enjoy it for breakfast or even for brunch. Every region prepares a different version of Migas, however, the one thing they have in common is that it was brought into existence for using the leftovers. How wonderful is that! Here it is, the recipe for Migas.


8 eggs

Kosher pepper and salt

1 tbsp of unsalted butter or olive oil

1 c. of tortilla chips (crushed)

1/4 c. of pico de gallo

2 oz. of pepper Jack cheese (shredded)


Step 1: Take a huge bowl and whisk the eggs. Add 1 tbsp of water and about ½ a tsp of pepper and salt.

Step 2: Keep a non-stick skillet over a medium flame and heat butter on it. Add the whisked eggs to the skillet and cook it with a spatula made of rubber. Keep moving the spatula for about two to three minutes.

Step 3: Use those crushed tortilla chips you can find at the end of the bag. You don’t need to throw them out like most people usually do. You can use the chips at the top of the bag too but traditionally Migas calls for leftovers. Follow this by pico de gallo. If you do not have this, you can also use regular salsa. Next is the pepper Jack melty cheese. This cheese is spicy so it pairs well with the dish.

Step 4 (optional): You can add extra toppings of your choice – avocado, fresh cilantro, and even a little hot sauce.