This Is Why Women Are Sharing Photos Of Themselves Eating On Instagram

Nowadays, it seems as though everyone is on Instagram. There are those that simply post pictures of their family or a pretty flower they saw on the way to work, but there are also those who see themselves as the next food bloggers. They take pictures of their meals, they review certain food products, and they even take pictures of themselves tucking into a yummy dish. Yet, it seems as though more and more women have been sharing pictures of themselves eating on Instagram in recent week, and we can’t help but wonder why?

This Is Why Women Are Sharing Photos Of Them Eating On Instagram

A Problem With The World

This new trend was actually started by a dietitian and eating coach by the name of Alissa Rumsey. As someone who surrounds herself with making food and eating food, she has become pretty fed up with the world. In her eyes, there is a big problem facing people across the globe because of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Although she notes that there is no shortage of food pictures on these platforms, she has found that there is a distinct lack of people actually eating the food on these platforms.

Starting A Revolution

Because Alissa doesn’t think that there is enough realness to these photos, she decided to start a revolution. She wanted to see real women in the process of eating real food, so asked people to share their own photos using the hashtag of #WomenEatingFood. She didn’t want any of these women to provide any kind of explanation as to why they were eating the food, she didn’t want them to justify why they were eating their meal or how they were eating it. Alissa wanted natural shots of natural women – and that’s exactly what she got.

This Is Why Women Are Sharing Photos Of Them Eating On Instagram

A New Kind Of Photo

Alissa could have never expected such an impressive response from her hashtag, but as more and more women learned of her plight, the more they wanted to provide their photos. This meant a lot to Alissa, as it gave her the opportunity to see for herself that the world is not like stock photos or professional blogger snaps. After all, most of the women we see in these photos are thin and white, when most people in the world are all shapes, sizes, and races.

Will you be sharing your own #WomenEatingFood photo?