The Top Weirdest Gifts Celebrities Have Received From Fans

Jared Leto – Human Ear

Every day, celebrities receive gifts from their adoring fans. While it is one of the many perks of being a celebrity, some of these fans take it a little too far. Having a unique personality himself, it comes as no surprise he has eccentric fans too. One decided to cut off their own ear and send it to him with the note “Are you listening?” To honor his gift, Leto punched a hole in it and wore it as a pendant.

Dolly Parton – Abandoned Baby

Dolly, a famous singer, was most well-known in the’70s for her country hits, including “Jolene.” One day around this time, Dolly opened her front gate to find a baby lying in a box. Along with the baby came a name tag that read “Jolene.” Dolly called the Department of Health and Human Services to take custody of the infant and to this day she still has no idea what became of the poor, abandoned baby girl.

Emma Watson – Bibles

It seems some fans are concerned for Watson’s religious well-being since starring in the Harry Potter films. The movie franchise, which has grossed over $10 billion worldwide, came across controversial to some select religious groups and they felt the need to guide her away from this evil influence by sending her not just one Bible, but twenty. Watson said in an interview, “Finding our Harry Potter films un-Christian, people think I need to be guided and send me The Bible. I now have a collection of 20.”

Taylor Swift – Turtle Shell

While Swift is extremely generous when it comes to giving her fans gifts, once sending a fan a $1,989 check to help pay off her student loans, we are not sure how well the favor is returned. The A-lister once received a turtle shell from an admirer. To make it even stranger, the gift-giver even painted Swift’s face on it. The fan may have taken the time and effort to create this handmade gift, but it “was definitely a first!” she said in an interview.

Zac Efron – Human Skin

Being a Hollywood heartthrob certainly has its pros, but also comes with strings attached. Zac Efron, who was brought to fame by High School Musical, has attracted a large following of young females who make it nearly impossible for Efron to leave his house. Some of them would do anything to get closer to him, and one fan took this to an extreme.  She was so mad about the actor she sent him a piece of her human flesh. It’s safe to say Efron was unsettled by this gift.

Avril Lavigne – Dead Rabbit

Avril was a huge success in the early 2000s and still is well-known for her pop-punk music. She had a huge gathering of fans all over the world who would send her letters, autograph requests, chocolates, you name it. But one peculiar fan had to go and make everything so complicated! During an appearance in Japan, Lavigne received an interesting gift from a local fan – a dead rabbit. Although creeped out by it, in some parts of the world, dead rabbits can be a form of good luck.

Harry Styles – Sanitary Napkin

Personalized gifts are a great way to show people how much you care and they tend to stand out among other gifts. Harry Styles, the British singer-songwriter and heartthrob, tends to receive a bunch of gifts with girls’ lipstick marks on them. However, while he was in One Direction, one crazed fan decided to slip under the door her sanitary napkin with his name written on it with a sharpie pen. Whether the napkin was used or not, we are not sure, but either way… ew!

Tom Felton – Adoption/Legal Name Change

Most would recognize Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy, the Hogwarts school bully from the Harry Potter films. Being a lover of the Dark Arts in the films, this somehow led to him receiving strange gifts. He has had multiple requests from fans asking if they could adopt him and demands that he legally change his name to Malfoy. One man officially changed his name to Lucius Malfoy (Draco’s father) and sent him a document wishing to legally adopt Felton and for him to move in with him to his house named Malfoy Manor.

Ariane Grande – 42.5 Pound Pumpkin

Sometimes when you are as famous as Ariana Grande, you may have such a diverse range of fans that you need to result to getting a police intervention. One devoted fan named Tom Normandin sent Grande many items, including animal-themed calendars,  a three-piece mirror set from K-Mart, and ultimately a 42-pound pumpkin. Whether it was around the time of Halloween or he was perhaps a pumpkin farmer, Tom was left distraught after being ordered to cease sending gifts to Grande.

Alice Cooper – Coffin With A Surprise

In his 60s, Alice Cooper is still touring the world and rocking out on stage. Fans particularly enjoy signing his “School’s Out” hit at the end of a school year, as well as copying his gothic image. One fan took this image to a whole new level and sent the rock star a coffin. When Cooper opened it up there was a heart of a cat inside. Although extremely gruesome, Cooper shrugged it off and felt the fan was just trying to show his appreciation.

Anna Kendrick – Love Letter And Diamond Earrings

Anna Kendrick needs to be slightly more careful about her private information, as one creepy fan managed to get hold of her private home address and sent her an even creepier gift. Kendrick receieved a love letter accompanied by diamond earrings. Anna revealed that the letter spoke about how he felt they should be together and that she should give him a chance. She then explained that she had ended up putting the earrings in the trash as she felt too weird to wear them!

Pink – Cult Invitation

When recalling the weirdest thing she receieved from a fan, she easily pointed out that in 2006 a fan sent her a 16-page letter telling her that she had been initiated into a cult. The gift also came with a survival kit along with instructions. She explained the letter said,  “I should come and live at the person’s home, using all the stuff in the survival kit to get there.” Luckily, the pop singer didn’t take up the offer.

Jonas Brothers – Dead Shark

While Nick, Kevin, and Joe were together as the Jonas Brothers, they were adored by many and were showered with heartwarming gifts. However, all three brothers can officially agree that the creepiest one they receieved by far was a dead shark. Nick said, “It wasn’t a real big shark though. It was only a baby shark but they’d preserved it in this tube for us. That was odd. They didn’t even leave a note explaining. It was just, ‘Here’s a dead shark.’”

Robert Pattinson – Toothpicks

When you are as good-looking as this Twilight star, you will undoubtedly receive hundreds of gifts weekly from adoring fans. But sometimes they are not as obvious as you would assume. When announcing in 2012 that he was trying to quit smoking and was using toothpicks as an aid in breaking the oral fixation of cigarettes, he all of a sudden receieved thousands and thousands of toothpicks from fans worldwide. Clearly, they wanted to support him in his efforts.

Kesha – Human Teeth

Although she is not in the limelight as much these days, at one point Kesha was creating chart-topping hits and had a devoted fan base. Unlike the others from this list, Kesha actually asked for her weird gift. Well-known for her eccentricity, she requested for her fans to send her something creepy that she could use for her art while she was in rehab. Upon request, she received a total of around one thousand teeth. Unfortunately or not, the clinic did not allow her to obtain human teeth.

Beyoncé – Studded Jar Of Vaseline

Although it is assumed diva Beyoncé loves a bit of bling, it is humorous to think that these fans believe she uses the cheap pot of petroleum jelly. However, apparently, the world-wide famous star does use Vaseline occasionally like the rest of us, specifically on her eyelashes and to make her teeth shine. While this fan couldn’t bear to imagine Queen B dipping her fingers into a regular pot of petroleum jelly, they made sure to send her a blinged out jar instead.

Daniel Radcliffe – Picture Of His House

Some of Radcliffe’s fans clearly think he doesn’t spook easily. He once received a picture of a milk bottle and a front door, with two people standing in front of it. Turns out the house they were posing outside of was actually his. With the thought that “there was only a door between us,” Radcliffe was not so comfortable with the gift. Someone should let these Potter fans know that it may be less wierd to visit Harry’s film house at 4 Privet Drive.

Halle Berry – Engagement Ring

Most people take relationships step by step and get to know each other before investing in a diamond ring that costs about three months of your salary. However, some fans become grossly obsessed with their celebrity idol to the point where one, just from watching hours of Berry’s films, knew that she was the one for him. One of Berry’s fans delivered a marriage proposal letter with a diamond ring. We are not sure what Berry did with the ring, but we can safely say she did not accept the offer.

Norman Reedus – Breast Implant

Reedus revealed that back in 2013 he receieved a very intimate gift from a crazed fan – a silicone breast implant. He then decided to use his strange gift for an even stranger purpose – he used it as a phone cradle. After receiving yet another implant, Reedus joked, “I just want to collect breast implants. I’m going to take them out of all the women’s bodies and just make a giant pile of them and lay my head on them. So, yeah—send more breast implants.”

Lorde – Car Keys

Fans love to be super generous, but sometimes they get so overwhelmed when they meet their celeb idol that they lose a few brain cells. A fan of Lorde once handed over her car keys because the fan wanted Lorde to own something of hers. The young singer from New Zealand admitted that she tried to stop her and returned them saying, “No, I think you really need these!” but the fan insisted. Although she can’t drive she still has a set of keys that open a car in North Carolina.

Pete Wentz – Razor Blades

Pete Wentz once received “bloody razor blades” from a fan. After reuniting with his ex-band members from Fall Out Boy, Wentz began to receive some strange gifts. He told an Australian radio show, “I got bloody razor blades! Yes, [it was when I had the emo hair]. I’m doing layers [in my hair] next!” he laughed. Whatever these emo-loving fans were expecting him to do with the blades is something we do not wish to think about.

Lada Gaga – Personal Pleasure Device

It will come as no shock that Lady Gaga has a range of fans who would send her peculiar gifts. She breaks barriers, pushes limits, and wears bizarre outfits. So with strange attributes herself, it is no wonder that her fans (referred to as her Monsters) are extremely bold. So while on stage in Australia, one fan took the plunge and threw to her a very personal (and pleasurable) device to which Gaga responded, “Are you telling me I’m not getting enough action?”

Justin Bieber – Cereal

Some fans want to give their celebrity loves something that they can use, that is worthwhile to their lives – something they have no doubt they will enjoy. Bieber revealed he was once sent an everyday item that just makes you wonder – why? He explained in an interview that he once received a cereal box from a fan. He commented about the concept, “‘Here you go, I got you this cereal. Hope you like it.’ Weird.” We have to say, we wouldn’t say not to this gift.

Taecyeon – Letter Written In Blood

Taecyeon is a rapper and lead member of the band 2PM. The popular South Korean has many young followers, especially women, but one decided to take it a little too far. Band members occasionally receive letters in the mail from fans to express their feelings, so when Taecyeon receieved this letter he thought nothing of it. However, he then realized the letter was written in menstrual blood from a follower who felt that this would give her a strong connection with him. Yuck!

Tom Hiddleston – Depictions Of Himself

This is one we wish we could see! During an interview with UK Huffington Post, Tom Hiddleston discussed some of the odd gifts he had received from fans. Discussing a scene from the Thor movie – a fight between Thor and Loki – he explains how he uses a spear in the ground to lever himself. He revealed, “Well, some fans have interpreted this as emblematic of my hidden talent at pole dancing. I’ve received a surprising number of depictions of myself in a pair of tight briefs and a horny helmet dancing on a pole.”