Walmart’s Hot Chocolate Cookie Dough Is What Festive Dreams Are Made Of

Is it ever too early to get in the holiday spirit? Nah, we didn’t think so either. Whether you’re planning your Thanksgiving dinner already or whether you’ve already sorted out your Christmas decorations, it seems as though there is no better way to get into the holiday spirit than to eat some holiday food. Thankfully, we have a feeling that this Hot Chocolate Cookie Dough will definitely cut the mustard.

The Delicious Cookie Dough

While cookies are pretty yummy when they are cooked, there’s just something about eating raw cookie dough that just works. There are countless different cookie dough flavors on the market, and you can choose anything from pumpkin cookie dough to salted caramel apple cookie dough. Of course, if you’re a cookie dough fan like us, you’re probably always on the lookout for new flavors – and this new addition may be right up your street.

A Walmart addition

If you shop at Walmart, you’ll know that there are always delicious items on the shelves. You’ll also know that they are constantly adding new food to them, and this is their latest gem. This Hot Cocoa Cookie Dough comes frozen, but it’s totally safe to eat raw. So, you could choose to eat the whole thing in one go, or you could choose to cook the cookies up and embrace your holiday spirit.

A Few Extras

As if the hot chocolate flavor wasn’t enough to win you over, this cookie dough also comes complete with yummy marshmallow bits and some seriously cool holiday packaging. There’s enough cookie dough to make 12 overall, but we all know that they’re going to be eaten within just a few minutes. Nobody can resist freshly baked cookies, after all.

So, if you love cookie dough and want to fill your boots while also embracing the Christmas holiday, you need this Hot Chocolate Cookie Dough in your life.