Why You Need To Try Japanese Shaved Ice This Year

If you struggle to cool down in the hot summer months, then Japanese shaved ice might just be the remedy to your overheating problem. Ice cream is delicious though not necessarily all that refreshing, but Japanese shaved ice really helps to cool people down. Here’s why you need to try Japanese shaved ice this year.

Why You Need To Try Japanese Shaved Ice This Year

What is Japanese Shaved Ice

Some food crazes come and go, while others look like they’re here to stay. Have you noticed how popular avocados are now? It wasn’t always that way, but now they seem to be here to stay. Japanese shaved ice is a pretty simple principle, but one that you’ll struggle to live without once you try it. It all begins with a large block of ice which is shaved and the trimmings collected in a bowl.

The next bit is where the magic happens. Once the ice shavings have been collected and shaped into a ball, the person making the dessert will drizzle whatever flavor syrup you’d like on top.

So Many Different Flavors

Just when you think you’ve tried all the flavors a Japanese shaved ice seller has to offer, they go and add more. Then there are also the seemingly limitless combinations of flavors to make sure the experience is never dull or stale. One of the favored flavors is matcha tea, which not only tastes delicious but also gives you a little boost.

Why You Need To Try Japanese Shaved Ice This Year

Going Large

While the servings have traditionally been pretty small, the craze has made it to America, and some owners of the shaved ice restaurants like to stack the ice high. In some places in New York, you can get a Japanese shaved ice portion that measures over a foot high. When you get to the center of these giant desserts, you’ll discover a surprise as the toppings are hidden in the middle.

The biggest challenge is making sure you don’t waste any of this delicious treat, so you have to eat it pretty quickly. Not that eating slowly is likely to be a problem as you’ll be enjoying the shaved treat so much you’ll be finished much sooner than expected.

If you haven’t tried Japanese shaved ice before then this summer is the time for you to change your life. You’ll be refreshed but also impressed at how delicious ice can really be.