This Is Why You Need To Top Your Salads With French Fries (Seriously)

Okay, okay, we get it. Salad and French fries aren’t two things that usually go together. However, this is why you need to top your salads with French fries and never look back. No, we haven’t lost our minds. Trust us.

Sweeping The Nation

If you’ve ever been to Pittsburgh, you might notice that they love to put fries on just about everything. Salads, sandwiches – nothing is out of the question! Now, it looks as though the love of a fry salad is sweeping the nation at long last.

This Is Why You Need To Top Your Salads With French Fries (Seriously)

A Non-Optional Extra

It might not be long before you find that French fries become a non-optional extra as soon as this trend catches on. They add a lot of extra taste to the meal thanks to all that seasoning, and they can even turn your summer salad into a warming meal.

Bulk It Up

As if that wasn’t enough, French fries on your salad can help to bulk up your meals and make it more filling than ever before. Some of us need a few extra carbs in our life – the word isn’t as bad as it seems – and this can be a simple yet fun way to add them to our diet.

This Is Why You Need To Top Your Salads With French Fries (Seriously)

Make Salad Fun

Do you hate the idea of a salad? That might all change once you start to add French fries to your leafy meal. If you really are worried about adding fries to your food, then why not try some pasta or quinoa to get you started? You never know, you might fall in love with the addition.

Sometimes, more really is better. It looks as though the same can be said for topping your salads with French fries. They’re the carb-loaded, seasoned, crunch that many of us need in our day. If only the answer to all issues could be solved with fries.