These 5 Tips Help Keep Bananas Fresher for Longer

While fresh food is great for your body, it can go off pretty quickly unless you store it properly. Bananas are a great example of this, but thankfully, we know several storage solutions that will help prolong their life.

5 Tips to Keep Bananas Fresher for Longer

Leave Them In The Fridge

A good way to keep your bananas alive for longer is to store them in the fridge once the peels lose their yellow color. The lower temperature will help maintain the fruit’s freshness, so even if the outside is brown, the inside will still be good to eat.

Wrap Up The Stems

Ethylene is responsible for bananas ripening, and this is released from the stems of the fruit. Fortunately, you can slow the release of this gas if you wrap the stems in plastic. If you cover each one firmly, you can be sure to get a few extra days out of your bananas.

5 Tips to Keep Fruit Fresher for Longer

Store Them On The Hook

Want to know another way to stop ethylene from acting so quickly? Put your fruit on a banana hook. Doing this allows for a greater flow of oxygen around the bananas, thereby holding back some of the ethylene. It also avoids bruising.

Avoid Other Fruit

Plenty of other fruits like apples and pears also produce ethylene gas, so it’s a smart idea to keep all this fresh produce away from one another. Doing this will prevent your bananas – and the rest of your fruit – from going off too soon.

5 Tips to Keep Bananas Fresher for Longer

Use Citrus Juice

If you prefer eating your bananas in slices, you might want to coat them with citrus juice. Doing this slows down the oxidation process, especially if stored in an airtight container in the fridge. This is great if you don’t wish to eat the slices straight away.

Now there’s no more worrying about your bananas going off before you eat them. With these tips, you can easily keep your fruit fresher for longer.