Texan Chef Inspired by a Dream to Make a Unique Fajita Burger

Inspiration can come from anywhere, yes, even from dreams. A talented Huston chef, Alex Padilla fell asleep on his flight home in 2011 and had a dream about eating a burger with fajitas. Intrigued by the concept, he decided to experiment with it as he got home and the result was a one-of-a-kind burger that remains a top seller in Ninfa’s restaurant.

A juicy fajita burger

The Famous Fajita Burger

The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation is a staple in Houston and both the natives and visitors go there to indulge in amazing Tex-Mex and Mexican cuisine. The, now famous, fajita burger was placed on the menu in 2011 and is still a very popular dish. Inside of a ground fajita patty is smoky, grilled, and chopped outside skirt meat. With these two textures combined, the patty is seasoned with salt and pepper. It’s topped with two kinds of cheese – queso Oaxaca and Monterey Jack. The burger is finished with grilled red onion rings, avocado wedges, and chopped poblanos. The bun is dressed with chipotle mayo and the dish comes with sides of black-pepper ketchup and pickled carrots.

The inventor of the burger, talented Huston chef, Alex Padilla The Inspiration

It’s surprising that a dish so well put-together was conceptualized in a dream! As he skipped lunch trying to catch his flight back to Houston from Los Angeles, chef Alex Padilla dozed off on the flight, which is when this dream and the innovative idea came to him. After some experimentation in Ninfa’s kitchen, he came up with this remarkable burger that remains a popular item on their menu even after 9 years. Padilla received a prize for this dish at a New York City competition and the burger was praised by Alison Cook of the Houston Chronicle. The menu of this classic restaurant continues to impress diners with a rotating series of specials and innovative dishes thought up by the talented chef Padilla.