This Supermarket Has Brought Out A New Ice Cream For Dogs

Many of us would do just about anything to make sure that our four-legged friends are cared for and that they get to enjoy the world as much as possible. So what about when it comes to keeping cool in the heat? No longer do we have to break out the hose or keep our dogs inside. No, this supermarket has brought out a new ice cream for dogs.

This Supermarket Has Brought Out A New Ice Cream For Dogs

Joining The Fun

Thankfully, the last few years have paved the way for a brand new menu for dogs. From dog-friendly drinks to birthday cakes and everything in between, some of us will stop at nothing to make sure they’re happy. So what about dog ice cream? Yes, this is the latest thing to sweep across the world. Our dogs can now settle into summer without the worry of overheating thanks to this incredible recipe.

Varied Choices

There’s been no expense spared when it comes to the new ice cream as it comes in not one, but two flavors. That’s right; our dogs could soon be choosing between Original and Cheese & Bac’n. As if that wasn’t enough, the packets are come with four 3.5 fl oz tubs, have no artificial flavors, and use completely gluten-free ingredients. All you need to do is put the box of Heart to Tail Dog Ice Cream in the freezer before getting out a pot every time your pooch needs to cool down.

This Supermarket Has Brought Out A New Ice Cream For Dogs

Making Their Debut

It appears as though we have a little more waiting in store before our dogs are treated to the new addition. Aldi is set to showcase the dog ice cream on June 26 in stores across the nation. The boxes will be priced at $3 for four tubs, but we might need to move quickly. That’s because they will be featured as an Aldi Find, which means they will only be on our shelves for a short amount of time before they are gone for good.

At last, our dogs can join in with an ice cream round. Where have these dog ice creams been hiding all this time? Just be sure to split them up from your sweet treats, so you don’t accidentally find out what cheese and bacon ice cream tastes like.