Sriracha Doritos Are Coming This Fall

Let’s face it; chips and dip are something that most of us can get on board with. So what if you want a way to spice up your chip game and send your taste buds on a wild adventure? Look no further. Sriracha Doritos are coming this fall.

Sriracha Doritos Are Coming This Fall

Making The Announcement

Many scrolling through Instagram in July had to do a double-take when they saw this bag of Doritos. Why? This is like nothing any of us have seen before. They are Doritos, but they’re Screamin’ Sriracha flavor. Don’t adjust your screens. Your dreams really could have just come true.

Creating The Flavor

So what is sriracha? For those who already cover everything and anything in the sauce, it needs no explanation. For those of you who are new to the spice scene, it’s a type of hot sauce made with chilis that comes with an unforgettable garlic hint.

Sriracha Doritos Are Coming This Fall

Feeling The Hype

It wasn’t long before people from across the nation were on the edge of their seats. After all, Screamin’ Sriracha is set to inject the spice that many of us crave in our lives. Many fans of the flavor can’t wait to see how garlic and seasoning come together on a fan favorite chip.

All Aboard

Sadly, not everyone was on board with Doritos’ Flamin’ Hot flavor. They were promised spice and incredible taste, but many felt it lacked the punch in the taste buds that they were after. This time, it’s a different story with many people already counting down the minutes until they have a bag of Sriracha Doritos in their hands.

The best bit? We only have to wait until fall as it looks as though Doritos is set to release this new flavor across the U.S. in October 2019. That’s right; it might not be long before all of your spice dreams come true.